Working more closely with GNOME

Maciej Stachowiak
19 Jul 2000 21:10:08 -0700

Dave Peticolas <> writes:

> Maciej Stachowiak writes:
> > * Target getting GnuCash into a GNOME release or GNOME Office release
> >   (once those are separate) eventually.
> Can you explain what would be involved in that?

Suggest it on one of the relevant lists. One good list would be
> > * Have GnuCash contributors get involved in the GNOME Foundation,
> >   which is now being formed as an umbrella organization for various
> >   GNOME-affiliated projects. It will likely include some projects that
> >   are not strictly GNOME-only, such as Gtk+ and possibly Sawfish.
> Is there a website or other contact point for the GNOME Foundation?

Right now there is a mailing list discussing the formation - It's mailman managed, should be obvious to
figure out how to subscribe.

> > * Hang out on the relevant mailing lists, flame, make suggestions for
> >   the libraries, etc.
> I used to subscribe to some gnome lists, but the traffic was so high I
> decided to stop. I do have a couple library suggestions. Should those
> go to the general lists or the devel lists? There is also a
list which is invitation only, but I could get all the GnuCash
developers/contributors on it if you send a list of addresses. It's
lower noise than the public lists.

 - Maciej