[Newbie questions] how to use journal/ledger system, gnucash-1.4.1 + SuSE

worsel@home.com worsel@home.com
Fri, 21 Jul 2000 01:16:01 -0400


	Thank you for your quick response.

> >         How are multiple journals setup and distinguished?
> > 	        (e.g. cash, checking, ...)
> You would create 'Accounts' for each of those.

        Do you have an example?
	(e.g. How to setup and perform the following.
	      journals: booth sales
                        web sales
	      accounts: cash (cash)
	                credit card (asset = accounts receivable)
			unprocessed checks (asset = accounts receivable)
			sales taxes withheld (liability)
			software-sold (revenue)
			hardware-sold (revenue)
	      Lady purchases CD with check at convention
	           booth sales
		   => debit unprocessed checks,
		      credit sales taxes withheld,
		      credit software-sold
	      Gentlemen purchases modem with cash at convention
	           booth sales
		   => debit cash,
		      credit sales taxes withheld,
		      credit hardware-sold)
	      Dog purchases download by web
	           web sales
		   => debit credit card,
		      credit software-sold)

> > 	How does one automatically split transactions?
> > 	        (e.g. > GNC_RUN_AS_SHELL=t gnucash <<Cookie
> > 		      > (gnc:post ...)
> > 		      > Cookie
> Are you interested in function-by-function details or just in general?
> In general, the C interface to transaction creation and modification in
> src/engine/*.h has been 'wrapped' in scheme. Let me know if you want a
> specific example.

        Function-by-function details and/or a specific example would be
greatly appreciated.  I used to be a lisp guru (symbolics, franz, mach) and
am trying to learn scheme.

        Can you (dis)recommand any scheme tutorials or references?

	I read gnc.html and have examined much of .../src/scm/... .  I have
executed some code using GNC_RUN_AS_SHELL=t ./gnucash, but have not yet
identified exactly what has to be loaded for non-gui use.
    GNC_RUN_AS_SHELL=t ./gnucash
    guile> (primitive-load "bootstrap.scm")
    guile> (gnc:load "startup.scm")
The above provides some gnucash functionality, but does not open the database.
    guile> (gnc:main)
Adding the line immediately above, executes the gui and waits for human
intervention before accepting further scheme.  I suspect that to execute
scripts for web-interface or automatic splits, I need all of bootstrap.scm.
I further suspect that I need a modified file (e.g. startup-automatic.scm,
startup-session.scm) with gui-dependent parts removed or replaced.

        Is there an non-gui option for startup.scm?
        Is there a different startup file?
	Is this the subject of a work in progress?

	I may be able to assist or take on a piece of the gnucash project
for these matters.

Thank you for your time,