question about importing .qif files

Bill Gribble
21 Jul 2000 10:21:43 -0500

"James A. Treacy" <> writes:
> At a minimum, could the importer be modified so that you can select which
> field is used to select accounts when importing, e.g. the Memo field
> instead of the category (L in .qif)? 

Automatic guessing of the account is on my feature list for the next
revision of the QIF importer.  It will require a verification step
that can be shared with some other new features, and I'm planning to
do them all at once.

Just as a background excuse, the current version is mainly targeted at
people who are importing en masse from a set of Quicken books.  In
that case, the category fields are there.  Features like detection of
redundant information (importing transactions already in your gnucash
books) and auto-guessing of accounts are mainly useful for folks
importing QIF fragments downloaded from their banks.  That's a very
important use of the QIF format, but it's not what the current
importer is good at.  Hopefully that will change in the next few

Bill Gribble