Interfacing with online bank

John Klar
Fri, 21 Jul 2000 17:45:45 -0400

>> Is there any way that gnucash can interface with such a system?
> Perhaps. The biggest problem would be getting the protocol that they use. I 
> think that they also use identification certificates that are not available 
> to us.

I'm fairly (4 nines) certain that MS Money uses the OFX protocol which
is XML over HTTPS (SSL).  Granted, my perusal of the OFX specs were
brief, but I didn't see any ID 'certificate' beyond your normal
cleartext login & password (protected by SSL).

My theory is that if you can interoperate with an HTTPS (SSL) server,
you can do OFX.

Unfortunately, while I've got an idea of how to code such a beast, I do
not have access to either a test OFX server nor a financial institution
that offers such integration without charging extorbitant access fees.

Even more unfortunate, as a citizen and resident of the US, me writing
crypto software can be an issue (Yes, I have a fuzzy inkling that
Banking software has some dispensation).  Not to mention certain patent
problems (*cough* RSA *cough*) [Sept. 20 can't come fast enough].

This feature is on the top of my wish list.  If I had any environment to
test against, I'd have code done or at least enough to prove/disprove my
theory ;)

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