split of an account/bill

Jason Rennie jrennie@ai.mit.edu
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 16:26:25 -0400

poldiwinkler@ngi.de said:
> My idea is to create a special function for splitting of an account/
> bill/payment whatever with an special window for  transferring
> different amounts on different accounts. I think it is very often that
> you have to split an account and we should have a more comfortable
> solution as we have today (several inputs in several accounts for one
> bill/payment/...).

Actually, GNUCash does have a nice interface for splits.  It sounds like 
you just haven't found it yet.  Go to one of your account registers (say 
your checking account).  You probably see one entry per line.  Click on 
the "Register" menu, hover the mouse over "Style" and then click the 
"Auto Single" option.  After doing that, click the "Blank" button and 
begin entering a fake entry.  When you're done, hit the "Enter" key.  
Instead of bringing you to a new blank line, GNUCash will put you on a 
line where you can enter a "Memo".  This is the first split line.  
Immediately under that line, you should see a completely blank line.  
That is the second split line.  You can enter stuff in the second split 
line to indicate that this transaction involves two different accounts.  
You can add as many of these split lines as you would like.

The "Auto Single" option only shows the split for the current 
transaction.  Other style options let you see varying degrees of detail.

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