Problems compiling gnucash 1.5.0 on SuSE 6.4

Bill Gribble
24 Jul 2000 13:43:52 -0500

Niklaus Giger <> writes:
> I have the following problem during ./configure on my SuSE 6.4-system:
> checking if Bonobo uses OAF... no
> checking for gconf... not found, gtkhtml will be built without gconf support
> checking for gnome-print >= 0.16... found (0.10)
> configure: error: gnome-print 0.16 or later is required to compile GtkHTML.    
Try this:
  gnome-config --modversion print

If it prints out 'gnome-print-0.20', you just need to remove
config.cache and run configure again.  If not, you have a stale
version of in your GNOME_PATH directory (generally
/usr/lib) and you need to install the 0.20 version of the gnome-print
development packages, which should install

Bill Gribble