palm pilot conduit(s) ?

Gary Bickford
Tue, 25 Jul 2000 10:26:37 -0700

Someone on the list sent me his Perl scripts that read the PM backups
and insert the data in GNUCash, for testing.  Unfortunately I've been
travelling the last two weeks and haven't tried them yet (sorry!)  I
have a couple hundred emails to sort through and a quick search didn't
uncover the relevant data.  I will send a copy to you as soon as I find
them.  This is not as good as a conduit, but it evidently works.

I've been trying to get gnome-pilot to work on my system, unsuccessfully
so far.  G-P appears to have some excellent tools for building
conduits.  However pilot-link was actually pre-installed (Suse 6.4) and
works quite well for some things.

Also, the guy who makes PocketMoney has several people who have asked
for his file formats in order to do a linux conduit, but nobody has come
back with a working piece of code.

Eric Mitchell wrote:

> Is anyone working on a Palm Pilot conduit for PocketMoney?
> Has anyone started work on a Palm Pilot conduit of any kind?
> Has anyone come up with a clear external batch importing
> architecture? (other than .QIF, which still baffles me)
> -- ebm
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