Proposal for modifying gnucash to use exact quantities

Richard Wackerbarth
Tue, 25 Jul 2000 19:06:54 -0500

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Terry wrote:
> Actually - yes - the stock are purchased through dividend re-investment.
> The dividend is computed to 1/1,000 USD (stock total is carried on their
> books to 1/1,000 and the dividend is computed to 1/1,000 USD per stock
> unit.) Thus the transaction value in USD is computed to 1/1,000 USD. They
> then purchase additional stock to 1/1,000 stock at the total value computed
> in 1/1,000 USD. The whole transaction is carried out "on the books", no
> cash changes hands, but the transaction value is computed to 1/1,000 and
> that is the smallest unit of the transaction that is accounted for. Granted
> if I sold the stock, I would be paid to within 1/100 USD. But the dividend
> reinvestment is done to 1/1,000 USD.
I don't think so. Rather than computing a dividend to the mill and shares 
from that, I suspect that they either compute "exact" dividend shares/share 
and round that to milli-shares and then compute the value to the penny or 
they compute the dividend to the penny and then convert that into fractional 

I would be very interested in seeing a real example that contradicts my