Proposal for modifying gnucash to use exact quantities

John Hasler
25 Jul 2000 20:22:58 -0500

Richard Wackerbarth writes:
> In practice, accounting always restricts the allowable values.

In practice, reality always restricts the allowable values.  I don't see
how we can predict what those restrictions will be for anything but money,
though.  Nor do I see the necessity of doing so.

> Rather than argue about a dollar or two, the vendor may elect to accept a
> little less than the "ask" amount.

Which is to say that the two of you will renegotiate the deal: he will
agree to adjust his "ask" amount to match your "pay" amount.

> What we will have difficulty justifying is that I report paying one
> amount and he reports receiving a different amount.

John Hasler (John Hasler)
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