po files and i18n / italian translation

Dave Peticolas peticola@krondo.com
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 00:50:17 -0700

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> Hello,
> I have the it.po file from Alessandro, I copy it in /gnucash-1.4.2/po
> directory.
> I do now this
> I want to make sure that all languages get installed,  I run
>   $ unset LINGUAS
>   $ ./configure
> and ./configure find only de, fr, sv, en_GB for locales even if the file
> it.po is in the po directory.
> Is there any file or Makefile to modify and after that ./configure can
> find it.po and install the machine/mo  file
> for italian?
> I send the it.po for testing.

You can avoid installing the mo file by hand by editing configure.in.
Change the definition of 'ALL_LINGUAS' by adding 'it' as one of the
languages and rerun make. After that, a make install should install
the italian mo file.

> I think now that my Readme.translator is not complete.

I will add that step, and add the translation to CVS.