po files and i18n / italian translation

Dave Peticolas peticola@krondo.com
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 01:18:23 -0700

> i have change le file configure.in the problem not resolve.....

Ok, I tried it and your translation seems to work, at least I
get Italian translations for menu items and for GnuCash dialogs,
including strings that would not be in the default Gnome translations.

Here's the old line from configure.in:

ALL_LINGUAS="fr de en_GB sv"

and here's the new:

ALL_LINGUAS="fr de en_GB sv it"

After you make the change, run 'make'. You will need to have
some development utilities installed, including automake and
autoconf. Also, make sure 'LINGUAS' is unset when you run

Running 'make' should cause a reconfigure. Watch the output
to make sure that 'it' is listed as one of the languages to
be installed.

Alternatively, you can check out a copy from CVS, as I have
checked in your translation. The instructions for getting
the CVS version are at:


To get the 1.4 version, add the option '-r gnucash-1-4-branch'
after the 'checkout' keyword.