Reconciliation in 1.4.3, and other issues

Adrian Cox
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 17:54:26 +0100

I've just got 1.4.3 from Helixcode, and the reconciliation problem that 
me using 1.4.0 is still present. I've imported a large number of QIF 
files from
Quicken 6 SE, and all the data is in the register intact. The problem is 
simple: the starting balance of each account in the reconcile window is 
even though the cleared balance in the register window is correct.

This means that I can never successfully reconcile. I suggest that when
importing the starting balance should be set equal to the cleared 
Are there any cases in which the starting balance should not be equal to
the cleared balance?

I've got one user interface suggestion as well. In the import dialog for 
files, each time I use the select button the file selector starts in my 
directory (where the Gnome panel started gnucash). This makes the 
process of
importing a large batch of QIF files from another directory awkward. 
also the first impression of Gnucash that a Quicken user will get.

Enough complaints. I actually like the auto-single mode of the register 

- Adrian
ps. Please cc me, as I'm not on the development list.
pps. Yet. At some point I may have to back suggestions up with code.