Implementing proper cost basis tracking for shares

Rob Browning
01 Nov 2000 17:15:39 -0600

Clinton Popetz <> writes:

> But it has to have some underlying structure somewhere, right?  By
> that I mean someplace to store the list of accounts contained within
> it, and possibly a pointer to its parent account.  So then it looks
> like a "container account."  I guess it's a "meta-account" in that it
> has no balance or associated type, and it can be deleted with no loss
> of financial data.

Right.  It's not even a "meta account" it's more like a "section
heading" in an outline.

> My point is that it sounded initially (to me) like you were casting it
> as part of a "view", which I read with a capital 'V' from MVC, but
> it's actually part of the data model.

What's MVC?

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