Perl API

Darren/Torin/Who Ever...
01 Nov 2000 19:57:18 -0800

Rob Browning, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>On Wed, 01 Nov 2000 16:20:05 Clinton Popetz wrote:
> | One key advantage of doing it in SWIG is that SWIG can spew out Python
> | interfaces as well, and I hear there are people who actually like
> | programming in Python.  <shudder> :)  
>Python is much nicer than perl anyways.  ;-)
>I like it a whole lot more than Perl.

Different strokes...

>I believe that SWIG can also create bindings for other scripting
>languages (I think guile is one of them).

I suspect that having easy bindings for Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk, and Ruby
pretty much says that we'll use SWIG.  Unfortunately, the current stable
version of SWIG, 1.1 isn't compatible with Perl 5.6 or Python 2.0.
There is an alpha release that is at 1.3a5 that supports these but the
web page suggests that it's not ready for mainstream use.


P.S. SWIG also supports Guile but I doubt we care about that.
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