Guile 1.3 + G-wrap 0.9.8 patches

Robert Graham Merkel
Fri, 3 Nov 2000 09:32:42 +1100

Derek Atkins writes:
 > Ok, I've sucessfully got the mainline version of GnuCash to build
 > against g-wrap 0.9.8.  I had to apply the following patches to GnuCash
 > and g-wrap respectively.
 > I've also built a set of RPMs for RedHat 6.2 (using my own spec-file
 > which I created back in 0.9.1 days back in May -- I have no idea why
 > Mark didn't start with what I've done).  In any event, I've improved
 > it a bit and separated out g-wrap from g-wrap-devel, in case we want
 > to compile with shared libraries.
 > I'd be more than happy to give anyone the RPMS, SRPMS, or SpecFile as
 > necessary.  Hopefully my changes (both to g-wrap.m4 and g-wrap.spec)
 > can get merged back into the g-wrap package.
Thanks very much for the patch. 

One minor point with the patch to gnucash, though - it'll mean that
gnucash now depends on g-wrap >= 0.9.8. 

Dave, if this is a problem, all you have to do is add the autoconf
test from g-wrap.m4 to gnucash's acinclude.m4.

Robert Merkel