1.4.8 transaction report crashes etc.

Hans-Juergen Hay hjh@easynet.de
Tue, 07 Nov 2000 00:18:55 +0100


trying to use Transactinon Reports I found them crashing GnuCash 1.4.8 with
larger sets of data or when used severel times with smaller sets. Coudn't
get a full listing of my accounts with about 1000 entries. 

Another thing, in the Gnome-GUI one can not change the size of the balance
collumn in the register, resulting in partialy invisible numbers beginning
with 100.000. This propably is a still bigger problem with low valued

For the wischlist:
- Report of chart of accounts
- Saving of the chart of accounts without transactions
  (I dont like to build it up from scratch next year)

And some thougths (just my oppinion ;-)):

please leave out or migrate to a seperate module ill fitting features like
portfolio management or taxation and concentrate on the core finanical
bookkeeping. Currency support doesn't make sense anyway. If one has to
handel currencies he can do so with a different chart of accounts, reports
dont and proppably will never handel them. Better a good financial
bookkeeping program than a programm that does all and everything but