g-wrap-0.9.11 released - please test.

Rob Browning rlb@cs.utexas.edu
08 Nov 2000 17:15:15 -0600

This version should work with Bill's new patch (adds long and
long-long).  It should also generate a new -devel RPM, though I can't
test that.  Please let me know if you find mistakes.


  2000-11-08  Rob Browning  <rlb@cs.utexas.edu>

	* rpm/spec.in: merge in changes from Derek Atkins
	<warlord@mit.edu> (Thanks) to create a new -devel package.  Let me
	know if I didn't get the merge right.

	* g-wrap.in (usage-msg): add newline at end of usage (thanks to Dave
	Peticolas <dave@krondo.com>).

	* rpm/spec.in: add automatic info gzipping (thanks to Dave
	Peticolas <dave@krondo.com>).

	* guile/guile-types.scm (long): new type.
	(long-long): new type.


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