Transaction report crashes

Robert Graham Merkel
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 11:26:51 +1100

Hans-Juergen Hay writes:
 > Robert Graham Merkel wrote:
 > > 
 > > I can't duplicate your crash.  Is there any other distinguishing
 > > features you can identify when the crash occurs.
 > > 
 > No, I try to buid it with debugging info so that I can look at the core
 > file. I get back to you when I can say more. 
 > BTW: trying to build cvs, g-wrap complains about unrecognised type
 > long-long and that type is not documented in the g-wrap info files, at
 > least not in mine, only unsigned-long-long is documented. Do I need a newer
 > version of g-wrap than the one required by the README file (0.9.5)? I have
 > 0.9.6. 
Yep, CVS requires g-wrap 0.9.11.  Sorry for not updating the README,
but the README will often not keep up with the bleeding edge.

CVS is likely to require new versions of g-wrap as they are released -
new features are being added to g-wrap to allow the wrapping of the
entire gnucash internal API.

Robert Merkel