Making a fancy main window like our competitor :)

Robert Graham Merkel
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 01:29:52 +1100

Matthew Vanecek writes:
 > Robert Graham Merkel wrote:

 > A couple of questions that must be answered about something like that. 
 > Do you want it simply because Quicken has it, or because it looks cool? 
 > Those in charge would really have to look very hard at whether such a
 > feature truly enhances productivity.  Personally, I don't mind copying
 > the concept of something else, with my own twists added.  It does,
 > however, need to make sense, both from a complexity standpoint, and from
 > a useability standpoint.
 > IOW, don't copy simply because the 'competitor' has it; rather, glean
 > good ideas from what's available, and come up with new innovative
 > ideas.  I think the GNUCash team is doing a good job at that.

I haven't seen it myself - Bill, Rob B, and Linas have, and they think
it's a good idea, and the idea of letting the user set up what
financial information they'd like to see by default when they start up
GnuCash seems like a good idea.  If they want just what they have now,
they can.  If they want a plethora of fancy graphs and reports, they
can have that too.  I've prototyped the idea, and I think it can be
done with a relatively small amount of code.  As for usability, I
think I can make it fairly easy to customize both with code and with
the GUI.

You're absolutely right, though - you don't just blindly copy the
features of your competitor's product.  That's what got us commercial
bloatware in the first place.

Robert Merkel