Suggested transaction tax system

Al B. Snell
Wed, 15 Nov 2000 20:51:14 +0000 (GMT)

On 15 Nov 2000, Derek Atkins wrote:

> What about places where you have multiple taxes (taxes on taxes,
> e.g. the Canadian GST), hidden taxes (e.g. US Gasoline), or split
> taxes (income tax split across multiple US States)?

I'm not sure about the details of Canadian GST. Anyone care to enlighten
me? I imagine it can just be modelled as one tax, though; if there's a
function that converts the amount you pay to the amount you get charged in
tax, then we can handle it.

As for hidden taxes - well, you pay the tax as part of the price and don't
have to worry about it, surely?

And split taxes? Is that anything more than the different tax codes on
different splits?

> While I like the idea, I think this particular approach is just a can
> of worms.  Unfortunately I don't have a better idea, except perhaps
> allowing the user to enter the amount of tax by hand.  I can look on
> my sales receipt and see how much tax I paid when I go to the store.
> I don't know, for example, how much tax I paid when I pay at the pump.

People wouldn't have to let the system auto-calculate the tax for
them. They could still put the tax split in by hand...

> -derek


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