update to tax report

Robert Graham Merkel rgmerk@mira.net
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 08:51:15 +1100

Richard -Gilligan- Uschold writes:
 > This submission is an update to the "Tax" report.  It includes new
 > reports: "Export .TXF", which exports a file that can be read by tax
 > programs such as TaxCut and TurboTax, and "Hierarchical", which gives a
 > hierarchical total of selected accounts down to 15 sub account levels.
 > (I just through this in as it changed only a few dozen lines)
 > This patch is against v1.4.8, as it is unclear when a stable version of
 > latest will be available.
 > I have two options for the patch against the latest:
 > 1. Make a few minor changes and submit in a few days.
 > 2. More fully integrate the tax fields in the account structure, which
 > would take longer. (currently, the tax fields are stored in the notes
 > field, which works, but is not ideal)
 > I would prefer choice 2, but I'll do 1, if you prefer, it's no big deal.

2 is definitely the way to go.  Have a look at the new capabilities of
the engine and see if you can figure how how best to implement the tax
report.  However, it may well require adding things in the UI.

Be aware that in the not-too-distant future, the Query API will be
fully wrapped, and we'd like the reports to use that to find the
information they need.

Finally, there was some discussion about handling transaction taxes on
-devel.  I think it's mostly orthogonal to your tax report, but you
might just want to check it out and see what you think.

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