Register resizing

Conrad Canterford
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 00:22:47 +1100

Dave Peticolas wrote:
> James LewisMoss writes:
> >  Dave> What should happen when the register is resized smaller?
> > I don't know for sure.  All I'm sure about is the current behavior is
> > annoying. :)
> When the window is resized larger, the 'description' field is enlarged
> to take up slack if the resulting register would be smaller than the
> window (to avoid an annoying white bar at the right edge).
> When the window is resized smaller, no columns are adjusted, since
> there is no danger of having the extra white space.
> However, this does create an asymmetry between enlarging and reducing
> the window size.
> What if we reduced the 'description' field when the window is reduced,
> but only if the register exactly fits the window?

I realise it is much more work, but wouldn't it be better to increase
each column proportionally in either direction? Remember the changes
that the user makes, and when they resize the entire window, keep each
column the same percentage of window width before the resize as after.
This is what I expected on gut instinct the first time I used Gnucash.
Took me a while to figure the strange behaviour out (this was back on

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