Register resizing

Dave Peticolas
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 00:00:37 -0800

Conrad Canterford writes:
> Dave Peticolas wrote:
> > James LewisMoss writes:
> > >  Dave> What should happen when the register is resized smaller?
> > > I don't know for sure.  All I'm sure about is the current behavior is
> > > annoying. :)
> <trimmed>
> > When the window is resized larger, the 'description' field is enlarged
> > to take up slack if the resulting register would be smaller than the
> > window (to avoid an annoying white bar at the right edge).
> > When the window is resized smaller, no columns are adjusted, since
> > there is no danger of having the extra white space.
> > However, this does create an asymmetry between enlarging and reducing
> > the window size.
> > What if we reduced the 'description' field when the window is reduced,
> > but only if the register exactly fits the window?
> I realise it is much more work, but wouldn't it be better to increase
> each column proportionally in either direction? Remember the changes
> that the user makes, and when they resize the entire window, keep each
> column the same percentage of window width before the resize as after.
> This is what I expected on gut instinct the first time I used Gnucash.
> Took me a while to figure the strange behaviour out (this was back on
> 1.3.???).

I think resizing all columns could get confusing and not always useful
-- most columns with quantities just don't need to be resized.

I will see about making the description field resize when the window
gets smaller.