Dave Peticolas
Mon, 27 Nov 2000 22:39:26 -0800

Conrad Canterford writes:
> Any thought on how this would be achieved? Are we talking an extra field
> in the register, or some other arrangement (colour perhaps?).
> On a vaguely related note, is it going to be possible to choose which
> fields are visible in the register? I occurs to me that I never use the
> "reconciled" field (or the action and memo fields, for that matter
> although they are more problematical). Would tidy up my register view if
> I could select to have it "hidden" on my register view. Of course,
> you're now going to tell me that we can do that already....

After more thought and discussion, I think that it is better to
simply not rebalance at all, and have the register visually indicate
transactions which are out of balance. Current CVS has a first-cut
at this idea.

When you enter an out-of-balance transaction, gnucash makes the
splits have a yellow background (the other modes don't have a
visual indicator yet) and the blank split has the amount necessary
to put the transaction in balance in the appropriate column, along
the lines that James suggested.