setting of language and formatting of numbers

Dave Peticolas
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 11:41:38 -0800

Poldi Winkler writes:
> Hello,
> I'd like to get your help again.
> I am using gnucash 1.4.8 and KDE2 with SuSE 7.0. My language is (was) German 
> and the formatting of numbers is (was) 1.234,56.
> After I have played with gnome and afterstep and fvwm2 in gnucash my language
> is English and the format is 1,234.56 (the other programs are not changed).
> The language in kde is German and also the format is OK. 
> Therefor I believe I have changed the settings in gnome. Does anybody know 
> where I can change back my setting?

Somehow you have changed the LANG environment variable.

You can force gnucash to use a particular locale via:

LANG=de_DE gnucash