Reconcile Status of imported QIF files (exported by CBB)

Joerg Schoeppe
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 15:26:47 +0100

On 2000-08-05 08.43, Adrian Cox wrote:
> Something in the import process is taking files which are reconciled in 
> Quicken, and not marking
> them as reconciled in Gnucash.  I suspect the QIF file doesn't make the 
> distinction between cleared
> and reconciled. The importer may need the option to promote cleared to 
> reconciled.
> > Anyway, the solution is to perform a one-time-only reconciliation where
> > you enter the starting balance you expect as the ending balance, and then
> > check off all the transactions which should have been reconciled. I realize
> > this is going to be a pain :(
> I think I may try to edit out the last four tax years using Quicken 
> before I give this a go.

I had the same problem.  I try to import QIF files from CBB.  I tried
to understand the scm files in ../gnucash/scm/qif-import.  With trial
and error I found a way to get the reconciled entries into gnucash as
reconciled instead of cleared.

In ../gnucash/scm/qif-import/qif-to-gnc.scm (search for reconciled)

    (if (or (eq? qif-cleared 'cleared)
            (eq? qif-cleared 'reconciled))
        (gnc:split-set-reconcile gnc-near-split #\c))
	   (let ((cleared (qif-split:matching-cleared qif-split)))
	     (if (or (eq? 'cleared cleared)
		     (eq? 'reconciled cleared))
		 (gnc:split-set-reconcile gnc-far-split #\c)))

I've modified this to:

    (if (eq? qif-cleared 'cleared)
        (gnc:split-set-reconcile gnc-near-split #\c))

    (if (eq? qif-cleared 'reconciled)
        (gnc:split-set-reconcile gnc-near-split #\y))
	   (let ((cleared (qif-split:matching-cleared qif-split)))
	     (if (eq? 'cleared cleared)
		 (gnc:split-set-reconcile gnc-far-split #\c))
	     (if (eq? 'reconciled cleared)
		 (gnc:split-set-reconcile gnc-far-split #\y)))

With this I got all reconciled entries from CBB to gnucash.

I found your problem during search for a solution.  Maybe someone want
to consider if this a bug and if this a fix.

Hope that helps,
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