Reconcile Status of imported QIF files (exported by CBB)

Christopher B. Browne
30 Nov 2000 00:46:12 -0600 (Bill Gribble) writes:

> On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 03:26:47PM +0100, Joerg Schoeppe wrote:
> > I've modified this to:
> > 
> >     (if (eq? qif-cleared 'cleared)
> >         (gnc:split-set-reconcile gnc-near-split #\c))
> > 
> >     (if (eq? qif-cleared 'reconciled)
> >         (gnc:split-set-reconcile gnc-near-split #\y))
> I made this change in the 1.5.x tree some time back, but didn't
> back-port it to the 1.4 tree since I made so many other changes to the
> QIF importer at the same time.  Let me pull out the version I used in
> 1.5 and apply it to the 1.4 tree.

Danger, Will Robinson...

Does the fact that the transactions were reconciled in one accounting
system _forcibly_ indicate that they have been correctly reconciled in
another accounting system?

I think I was the one that originally suggested the "downgrading" of
the reconciliation status; the point here is that when you load data
in from an external source, it does NOT represent something that has
been reconciled in GnuCash.  And hence I would be quite reluctant to
force in the fiction that it was.

I would suggest that this be treated as a parameter that may be
(concatenate 'string "cbbrowne" "") <>
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