refreshing the GUI

Phillip J Shelton
Fri, 01 Dec 2000 07:47:54 +1000

Does the redraw update just a transaction or is the widget an account?  If the
gui atom is an account and the changed data has been stored in the `account
file' then the CM only has to have one call-back for the account no matter how
many changes  have been make to the transactions in the account?   The
CM could look after deciding if it needed to register a new call-back.


Derek Atkins wrote:

> Dave Peticolas <> writes:
> Perhaps this would add up to a LOT of callbacks, having to specify a
> callback for each transaction in each "open" account.  In that sense,
> yes, it is unwieldy.  However, I don't believe that it is "difficult
> to to characterize statically which engine objects need to be
> watched."  I think the above model does a fairly decent job, depending
> on what the GUI has "open".
> > Each time a split is added to the account, potentially more transactions
> > and accounts would need to be added to the watch list.
> This is true.. So you add a new callback when this happens.  And then
> you remove the callback when you close() the GUI.