refreshing the GUI

Phillip J Shelton
Fri, 01 Dec 2000 08:33:17 +1000

Dave Peticolas wrote:

> Derek Atkins writes:
> > Yes, your subsequent mail did explain that successfully, but you may
> > have a locking problem in the case of multiple GUIs touching the same
> > data.
> Probably, but that's just not a problem I'm trying to solve right now.
> You're welcome to have a go at it, though.

I don't see how the locking problem is a CM concern.  I mean that you will
have to solve the locking problem at the level of storing the new data before
you need to worry about multilpe GUI's trying to read the file to see what
needs to be changed. Wouldn't a working multiuser data base have some sort of
locking solution that we could borrow??