build problem on FreeBSD

Alec Wolman
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 20:00:02 -0700

I'm attempting to build the latest version from CVS on a FreeBSD
system.  The compilation fails when building src/gnc-exp-parser.c
because there is no #include of <locale.h>.  Adding that to 
gnc-exp-parser.c fixes the problem, but is obviously not the
right thing to do, since messages.h ought to bring in <locale.h>.
It doesn't because config.h does not define HAVE_GETTEXT, which
is odd since gettext is installed on my system.

Here is what appears to be the relevant output from configure:

checking for LC_MESSAGES... (cached) yes
checking whether NLS is requested... yes
checking whether included gettext is requested... no
checking for libintl.h... (cached) no
checking whether catgets can be used... no
checking for msgfmt... (cached) /usr/local/bin/msgfmt
checking for gmsgfmt... (cached) /usr/local/bin/msgfmt
checking for xgettext... (cached) /usr/local/bin/xgettext
checking for catalogs to be installed...  de en_GB es fr it ja ru sv

Can anyone who understands this internationalization stuff help
me figure out why configure isn't defining HAVE_GETTEXT?

Thanks in advance,