build problem on FreeBSD

Alec Wolman
Mon, 02 Oct 2000 16:39:38 -0700

> "Alec Wolman" writes:
> > 
> > > Configure may be picking up old values from the cache.
> > > Did you try removing config.cache and rerunning configure?
> > 
> > Yes, I tried that. The problem is that it doesn't find libintl.h
> > because its not looking in /usr/local. What I don't understand
> > is that since it has decided to use the included version of
> > gettext instead of the version installed in /usr/local, then
> > why doesn't HAVE_GETTEXT get defined in config.h?
> It appears that it isn't using the included gettext. It should
> only use that if it is specifically requested by a command line
> argument. You might try using the included version with
> --with-included-gettext, if you can't get it working any
> other way.
> dave

I get exactly the same behavior when I use the --with-included-gettext
option, for exactly the same reason:  HAVE_GETTEXT still isn't defined
in config.h.

Furthermore, I still think its a bug that configure is smart enough to
find all of the needed gnome and guile stuff in /usr/local, but not smart
enough to find gettext in /usr/local.