Please make the numeric keypad's "Enter" key act like the other "Enter" key

Eric Hanchrow
08 Oct 2000 13:58:16 -0700

In short:

In the "Reconcile Information" window, I can enter digits with the
numeric keypad, but I cannot use the numeric keypad's enter key.  This
is annoying.

This is in 1.4.6, and I believe the behavior is the same in the
current CVS sources as well.

How to reproduce it:

* Start GnuCash

* Open an account

* Choose "Account", "Reconcile".  The "Reconcile Information" window

* Turn on your Num Lock key

* In the "Ending Balance" field, type the 0 on the numeric keypad.  In
  the "Ending Balance" field, I see a zero; that's OK.

* Hit the numeric keypad's "Enter" key.

In the "Ending Balance" field, I now see a space following the zero.
However, I expected the "Reconcile Information" window to go away, to
be replaced by the "Reconcile" window -- i.e., I expected the same
thing to happen as if I'd hit the *other* Enter key.

I'd fix this myself if I knew anything about Gtk programming :(

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