Eventually found db2html

Christian Stimming stimming@uclink.berkeley.edu
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 22:06:41 -0700

Hi there,

Is anybody out there who also realized that the 1.5-version seems to
forget building the manual? It took me some weeks until I realized it to
be missing. I tracked it down to the fact that I was lacking the
"db2html" program which is used for converting the sgml doc sources to
html. A package with that name was nowhere around, so I think the
following exerpt might prevent you from spending as much time for
searching as I did:

[From http://www.linux.org.uk/~telsa/GDP/gnome-faq/compiling.html]
Q: I need "db2html" to build some of the help files. What is it and
can I get it?
A: db2html is a script from a package called stylesheets and is
needed for converting files from DocBook to HTML. Aswell as stylesheets,
will also need the packages: sgml-common, jade and docbook. If you want
produce .psdocumentation you will also want jadetex. The canonical
for these tools is the Cygnus (well, technically they'renow part of Red
sourceware site, but they are increasingly being provided by the major
and BSD distributions.Check your vendor's FTP site. GNOME uses DocBook a
for documentation and you can find lots of information about iton the
Documentation Project

[end quote]

My distribution is SuSE 6.4 and they don't have a package called
stylesheets. Instead, the package containing db2html is called 


and it requires the following packages to be installed

iso_ent jade_dsl docbk30 docbkdsl