Nee Tax Report

Robert Graham Merkel
Sat, 14 Oct 2000 02:22:55 +1100

Richard -Gilligan- Uschold writes:
 > I'm finally ready to submit my new tax report.  (Two weeks ago I was
 > ready to submit it to v 1.4.4, but it took a week and a half to get v
 > 1.5.2 to compile, and another half a week to work through a few changes
 > required for v 1.5.2)
 > In the mean time, Robert Graham Merkel sent an email notifying of
 > upcoming changes to the report architecture, which means rewriting the
 > report again.
 > Questions:
 > 1.  Should I go ahead and submit it against the 1.5.2 version?

Seeing the work is already done, there is no reason not to.  The
actual *implementation* of the changed reporting architecture is some
time away, and existing reports will continue to work during the
transition period.

I'm sorry I haven't made the fact that changes will happen clear
earlier.  It was just slackness on my part.

 > 2.  Should I wait until the report architecture changes are implemented?

See above.

 > 3.  Should I submit it against the latest stable version - 1.4.7?

Submit it against the development version first.  If it turns out to
be stable enough to go in 1.4.x, we should be able to backport it.

Thanks for your interest.  Rest assured, your reports aren't going to 
just stop working overnight!

Robert Merkel