major changes coming up

Christian Stimming
Sun, 15 Oct 2000 21:07:23 -0700

Dave Peticolas wrote:
> All of these changes will make what has been a nominally unstable
> version into a Really Unstable (TM) version. And, while we definitely
> appreciate both your help in finding the inevitable bugs that will be
> created by this process and your feedback for improving the interface,
> we also *strongly* recommend that, at least for a while, you do not
> use the very latest development version to manage real financial data.

So what about a major change in the version number to reflect this major
changes in the development? 

I'm already using the 1.5-version for most of everyday work, as there
are a number of useful features in it and (as Dave implied) it proved to
be stable enough to work with. The question is, how do you name the
corresponding source directories for 1.5-pre-xml and 1.5-with-xml? These
names are pretty long. What do people think about 1.5.1 for the
xml-version? Or 1.5.5, 1.5.9, or even * 1.7 *?