Peter Norton - I can't reach you...

Rob Browning
18 Oct 2000 15:57:33 -0500

[ Related to gnucash because Peter's trying to help with the guile 1.3
  problem. ]

There's either something wrong with your mail setup, or you're using
one of the super-anal spamblockers.  Either way, mail I'm sending you
is bouncing.

Some of the more agressive blockers block all time-warner cable
addresses because time-warner won't allow them to scan their
customers.  This is an ongoing battle, but it rarely affects me, and
I'm going to escape it soon.  I've got a static-IP/DSL line coming.
Until then, I probably can't mail you if a spamblocker is the problem.

I noticed this because I sent a long reply to your defmacro question,
but it bounced...

  ------Transcript of session follows -------
  Remote connection was abruptly disconnected.

  From: Rob Browning <>
  Subject: Re: guile question
  To: "Peter C. Norton" <>
  Date: 18 Oct 2000 14:52:46 -0500

  "Peter C. Norton" <> writes:

  > I have been trying to get a bit more comfortable with guile, off and

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