Get PostgreSQL installed as part of the distros

Lars Pind
Fri, 20 Oct 2000 17:15:53 -0400

Hi Gnucash-people

I witnessed a talk by Linas at the NYLUG meeting this past Wednesday, =
and there was some talk about using PostgreSQL as a back-end storage for =

Linas said that one of the major obstacles would be the support issue -- =
stepping people through installing and setting up PostgreSQL, not to =
speak of maintaining it.

We at ArsDigta/OpenACS (, are in a similar =
situation. We're about to get our product, ACS, included on RedHat and a =
number of other distros, but we depend on a running PostgreSQL =
installation. So far, we've planned on installing and setting up =
PostgreSQL ourselves, with some RPM and shell script magic.=20

But Linas' talk sparked this idea: Wouldn't it be a lot more clever if =
we could convince the distros to make a running, configured PostgreSQL =
installation part of the default install, for the benefit of all? =
Application developers could then start relying on a working PostgreSQL =
installation, so they could concentrate on adding value instead.

We're already trying to use our influence to make this happen, but the =
more the merrier.=20

I'd like to hear how interested you would be in this, if we could make =
it happen.