Income -> Expense?

Robert Graham Merkel
Sat, 21 Oct 2000 10:22:52 +1100

Phillip J Shelton writes:
 > Could there be a switch in the preferences that allowed one to swap between
 > the `traditional' labels and GNUCash labels?
 > Phill
 > Jason Rennie wrote:
 > > said:
 > > > Out of that, a certain amount goes to paying for health insurance, so
 > > > I create an Insurance subaccount under Health Care (account type:
 > > > expense), and put that as a Charge under my Salary account.  Only by
 > > > doing so, it puts it under "Rebate" in the Health Care account!  What
 > > > the heck!
 > >
 > > I'm told that an accountant would only use the headings "Credit" and
 > > "Debit" whereas GNUCash uses headings based on account type that are
 > > hopefully more intuitive for non-accountants.  If "Rebate" doesn't sound
 > > right for your Health Care account, it may be that you have the Health
 > > Care account set to the wrong type.  From the main window, click on the
 > > Health Care account, then click the "Edit" button.  You should find a
 > > scroll window with different account types such as "Bank," "Credit Card"
 > > and "Liability."  Changing the type will yield different headings in the
 > > account window.  If you have the wrong account type set, changing it may
 > > give you a more intuitive heading.

There already is the ability to set this on a global level - "Use
accounting labels".  Is that what you're suggesting?

Robert Merkel