Quickbooks export format

Dave Peticolas dave@krondo.com
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 01:34:15 -0700

Gary Bickford writes:
> I was part of a discussion some time ago about exporting from Quickbooks
> (Mac version).  I have done a couple of quickie tests, and the output
> appears to be essentially in spreadsheet format.  It appears to be for
> all accounts.  It only includes this year, which only went through April
> at this point (when I lost access to the Mac.)  I don't recall if it
> only includes this year because I selected it that way or because of
> some other reason.
> Here's an excerpt that includes all the 'Types' I noticed offhand.  It's
> been a while since I did this, so I don't recall exactly what my options
> were - it appears this is for this year.  I can send an example file to
> someone, but I'd rather not post it on the list as it's real data.
>  Type Date Num Name Memo Account Class Clr Split Amount Balance
> Jan - Dec '00
>  Bill 01/01/'00  Cellular One  2000 - Accounts Payable   6880 -
> Telephone (21.53) (21.53)

Looks like they're still using those strange dates ('00 for years in 2000).
Do you know why there are always 2 amounts, and why one of them is sometimes
zero and sometimes equal to the other?