Register stuff (summary of Carol and my talk).

Steve Greenland
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 09:01:16 -0500

On 24-Oct-00, 07:49 (CDT), Richard -Gilligan- Uschold <> wrote: 
> I've been using gnucash for a few months and one thing that really confused me
> was the way amount in the second or third line of a split always changes to
> maintain a zero total balance.  

Let me add a "me too" as a frustrated user. This "feature" is enough by
itself to keep me from using Gnucash as my primary manager.

> The previous money program I used, Managing Your Money, automatically
> added an unallocated expense line at the end of a transaction to
> maintain the balance.  We need to work on a different way to handle
> this.

As someone who still uses MYM (the last DOS version runs fine under
dosemu), I agree that its method for entering with splits works well,
although its distinction between accounts and budget categories may mean
that you can't just copy it.