Need help matching up these exchanges with timezones.

Rob Browning
28 Oct 2000 15:45:12 -0500

I'm finishing up a rework of the quoting system, and as part of the
process, we need to be more rigorous about dates/times.  In order to
so that, I need to set up our little filter on Finance::Quote to
handle knowing what the times reported by each exchange really mean
wrt UTC (i.e. GMT).  To do that, I need to know which timezone each of
these exchanges reports its dates with respect to.  Any help would be

           australia           Australan Stock Exchange
           dwsfunds            Deutsche Bank Gruppe funds
           fidelity            Fidelity Investments
           tiaacref            TIAA-CREF
           troweprice          T. Rowe Price
           europe              European Markets
           canada              Canadian Markets
           usa                 USA Markets
           nyse                New York Stock Exchange
           nasdaq              NASDAQ
           uk_unit_trusts      UK Unit Trusts
           vanguard            Vanguard Investments
           vwd                 Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH

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