Perl API

Rob Browning
28 Oct 2000 15:52:15 -0500

Clinton Popetz <> writes:

> Well, I'm somewhat familiar with scheme.  But last I checked,
> guile-curses was in pretty sad shape.  Has it improved?  

No idea, though I wonder if we might be able to use g-wrap to wrap up
the curses interface without a lot of hassle.  That, and if Robert and
I get g-wrap working with guile's dynamic-lib loading, might be nice.

Robert and I can certainly help with the g-wrap issues if you decide
you're interested.  From a selfish perspective, it might be really
nice to have a curses gnucash using guile that I could play around
with.  I know perl quite well, but I'd much rather play around in

> I have no problem posting them, but they are severely limited.  They
> only work with the website (which can track several credit
> cards/bank accounts/etc.)  Also, they depend on the struture of the
> site and the layout of the pages, so they'll break on a whim.  So I
> don't think they're something you want people depending on.  But until
> an OFX interface is available, it's better than typing in my own
> transactions :)

No doubt.

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