Question on 401k

Charles M. Gagnon
Sun, 22 Oct 2000 16:31:49 -0400

I have a question that probably has more to do with
accounting than Gnucash itself but I figured someone probably
does the same thing on this list so...

Basically, I'm trying to keep track of the balance and the
performance of my 401k account. My account is made of SEC
registered funds so I opened a Mutual Fund account for those
Funds. I can get the prices using gnc-prices.

Each month, a part of my paycheck goes to an account "type
bank". From there, I assume I would have to purchase as much
Fund units as I can, on that day's price. I assume they do it
on the closing price of the day my paycheck is issued but I'm
not sure.

Right now, my balance sheet is adequate but I lost the
"profit/loss" info for those funds. I could only take my
current balance from the 401k account and devide by today's
fund for those prices. I don't beleive I can backtrack and
remake all the previous purchases at the right price without
spending weeks inputing data in Gnucash. I can live without
historical performance but for now on, I'd like to track

How do you guys keep track of retirement account with monthly
contributions like that?

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