Perl API

Darren/Torin/Who Ever...
24 Oct 2000 05:28:03 -0700

Dave Peticolas, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>Who uses the Perl API?

I do.  But I suspect that I'm one of the few.  I just don't have the
time to (re-)learn scheme.  I used lisp in the 80s but these days, I
only use it for (X)Emacs.

>The reason I ask is that the Perl API is rapidly becoming out-of-date
>as the engine is extended and the swig interface is not kept up to date.
>Given the difficulties of using swig, we'd like to drop it.
>Is there any interest in keeping the Perl API? Is anyone interested in
>maintaining it?

I definitely don't have the time to work with it a lot but I certainly
want it to stay around.  Look at how long it took me to respond to this

Possibly I could help Clinton to maintain it in the distribution?

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