Trial Balloon: A new DataStore Architecture?

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
31 Oct 2000 15:42:18 -0500

Jonathan Blandford <> writes:

> Less code to write.  More code share amongst other apps on your desktop
> (ie. those using GNOME).  If gnucash ever decides to use Bonobo, it'll
> need to be using CORBA anyway.  The thing about protocols (especially
> those involving applications) is that they tend to grow.  CORBA at least
> is very expressive.

I'm just not convinced that there really is less code to write if we
use CORBA vs. say XDR.  You still need to write the IDL files.  You
still need to write the handler functions.  You still need to write
the retransmission code (well, I would personally just use TCP to
guarantee transmission, and just serialize transmission on the

> I know who you are, Derek -- you used to "live" in my dorm... (-:

I knew your name looked familiar, my appologies.  (I'm sitting here
battling a cold or sinus infection; I'm currently on enough drugs to
make Indy sleep for a week :)   

I didn't realize you went to RedHat from Random ;)

> mechanism gnucash uses -- homegrown or otherwise -- adding
> authentication to is is going to be reasonably similar.

This is true.  In-band authentication is basically similar either way.
The only question is how much access do we have to the raw data in
order to run an integrity check over it?

> > I'm certainly open to the concept of using CORBA, but I don't think
> > that we need all the services that CORBA provides.  Perhaps as we
> > flush out the requirements I might be proved wrong.
> Presumably we don't need to use the entire CORBA standard.  (-:  But as I
> have not volunteered any time or energy to this project beyond those of
> a user, I won't argue this point too strongly.

True, but some things tend to "come for free".  Honestly, I don't know
how separable the various pieces of CORBA are.

> Thanks,
> -Jonathan


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