scheduled transactions

David Merrill
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 09:05:26 -0500

On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 12:49:48AM -0800, Joshua Sled wrote:
> I've been focusing recently on scheduled transactions, since that's what
> people more seem to want [more than budgeting], and the budgeting stuff
> should make use of a seperable scheduled-transaction subsystem.  My hope
> is that soon/eventually, someone else will finish/polish/maintain the
> scheduled transaction stuff while I focus on budgeting...
> In any case, this is what I'm thinking...  feedback, esp. about the hacky
> "date-anchor" structure, is appreciated.  It's expected that there will
> be some set of functions like findComeDueTransactionsSince(time_t) and
> isSXactionDueOnDate( ScheduledTransaction, time_t ) used to deal with
> the Frequency structure...

I have taken a somewhat different approach to storing this data in the
database. I use a more generic but more flexible storage mechanism:

- run once
- every n days
- every n weeks (1 or 2 days in 0-6 range)
- every n months (1 or 2 dates in 1-31 range)
- annually

See for more, and of
course for the table

It seems your structure is more complex by trying to fit specific
circumstances with special codes that can be accomodated by a single,
more flexible structure.

With my table, you store quarterly payments as "every 3 months" and
annual as "every 12 months". The user interface can of course be more
friendly than this. :-)

Sorry for not speaking up about this earlier - I have been very busy
with another project!

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