gnucash crash!, ? recovery options ?

Lincoln D. Durey
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 13:55:23 -0500

	we are happy users of gnucash 1.4.9.  But we had a system crash while a
gnucash was running (most likely not gnucash's fault).  As this session
involved about 2-3 hours of hard work, we are very interested in any
available recovery options.

	We have our previos data file (gc_emp), which is exactly in step with
the state of our accounts before the data entry began, and we have the .log
file (gc_emp.20010206224731.log) time stamped just moments before the crash.
there was no .xac file generated at crash time.

	Is there a way to apply the log file (which I can see has the data we
entered) to the original file, and arrive at a nice new gnucash file with all
our updates? Either manually, or with a nice front end.

	Thanks in advance for your help. 

ps, we saw some nice comments at:
and wondered if the recover from logs was implemented yet?

	-- Lincoln

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