apt-get wants to remove gnucash!?

Robert Graham Merkel rgmerk@mira.net
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 22:42:14 +1100

Jonathan David Wheelhouse writes:
 > Hi
 > Already sent this to debian-user but didn't get any really helpful responses.
 > Needless to say I _don't_ want gnucash removed but the following seems
 > to be a mistake in dependencies.
 > I've cut other bits out that seem to be irrelevant.
 > apt-get dist-upgrade says
 > The following packages will be REMOVED:
 >   gnucash guile1.3 libguile6 libguile6-slib libguile9-dev libguppi-dev 
 > dselect reveals
 > gnucash depends on guile1.3
 > ...
 > gnucash depends on libguile9 (>= 1.4-6)
 > guile1.3 depends on libguile6
 > libguile9 conflicts with libguile6
 > Does anyone have any ideas?

We were just discussing this in the IRC channel.  Rob Browning (rlb)
is the guile maintainer, and for various good reasons he has removed
libguile6 from the distribution, to be replaced with libguile9.
gnucash, and any other packages depending on libguile6, need to be
recompiled against libguile9.  

I have cc'd this to the gnucash debian maintainer to inform him of the
problem, I can also file a bug or do an NMU (non-maintainer upload of
a recompiled version) if he wishes.

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