Ansel Freniere
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 12:07:09 -0500

Hello all,  I've joined this list because I saw in the archives that there 
was discussion of a "budget GUI" feature.  I currently use q*cken (please 
excuse my language) for all my finances, but I would love to switch over to 
gnucash, thus eliminating one more barrier to being 100% linux. 
:)  However, my primary usage of the aforementioned windoze program right 
now is the budgeting feature, and I really can't do without it.  How is 
progress on the budget gui?  If help is needed, I would be glad to 
contribute.  I have fairly extensive experience in C and C++, but no 
experience in programming x-windows unfortunately.  But I am eager to get 
my hands dirty.  This would be my first contribution to an open-source 
project, so I'm thoroughly a newbie in some respects.  TIA!