Other QIF bugs (or misfeatures)

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
14 Feb 2001 10:39:17 -0500

In my ongoing trials to get bank downloads of QIF files working, here
is a list of other "misfeatures" that exist in the current importer.
To obtain this list I am just walking through an import (or two) and
stopping whenever I find something to say.  This implies that there is
no particular preferential order to these requests, the order is based
on the QIF import process:

	* No default QIF account name: The 1.4 importer had the nice
          feature that if the QIF file itself didn't have a default
          QIF account, the importer would assume one based on the
          filename.  This was a useful feature and it would be nice to
          resurrect it.  Honestly, I wouldn't mind so much if the
          "guess" was just inserted into the textbox by default and
          the user still had to hit 'next' (and still had the chance
          to change the name).

	* It would be nice if the list of "QIF files you have loaded"
          listed the filename and also the default QIF account.  I'm
          not very tied to this request, but it might be a nice

	* On the Match QIF account with Gnucash accounts page, there
          is no way to toggle the "new" column.  Even if the Gnucash
          account already exists (through a previous QIF import of by
          choosing an account through the chooser), the importer will
          still keep the "new" column checked.  This will cause
          problems later.  Indeed, this same problem exists when
          matching QIF categorites and payees/memos to Gnucas

	* Due to the previous problem, after the import "finishes" I
          now have a number of new accounts with a description of "QIF
          Import: Name conflict with another account" even though I
          chose those particular accounts to use.

	* I did not get the "duplicate transaction" screen at all in
          the first import.  For kicks, I tried to import the same QIF
          file a second time, and again I did not get the duplicate
          transaction screen.  I should note that this particular QIF
          file is from a credit-card, and does not have any

	* After the second import I have two sets of the tranactions
          loaded.  In addition I now have _three_ duplicate acount
          trees, two of which are labeled "QIF Import" Name conflict
          with another account".

	* Again, I didn't get the duplicate transaction page.

	* The account picker is weird.  The data that it displays as
          it scrolls is not necessarily the data it shows when it
          starts up.  Either that, or the scrollbar isn't in the right
          place.  For example, I click on an entry that has "NORTH
          AMERICAN M" to try to choose my loan account.  The account
          picker comes up and has the scrollbar at the bottom, and in
          the picker window I see something that looks like this:

|  8- Cash on Hand
|  |  +-Cash
... [snipped]p
|  8- Retirement Accounts
|  |  +- Aetna

	  As I said, the scrollbar is at the bottom, but I know that
	  "Assets" are the 'top' of my account tree!  Anyways, soon as
	  I touch the scrollbar and move it a pixel, the window shifts
	  so that "NORTH AMERICAN M" is right there (and highlighted).
	  Exploring a bit, the above snippet is really at the top of
	  the window, and the scrollbar really does want to be at the
	  very bottom in order to have the "NORTH AMERICAN M" entry be
	  at the top of the window.  But it looks like the window
	  isn't painting correctly.  Clearly it is painting the top of
	  the tree even though it should be displaying (and the
	  scrollbar is in the location of) the bottom of the tree.

Anyways, these are my current QIF Importer comments, suggestions, and
complaints (for the moment).

Have a great day!

       Derek Atkins, SB '93 MIT EE, SM '95 MIT Media Laboratory
       Member, MIT Student Information Processing Board  (SIPB)
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